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  • FIVE students must attend virtual classes with cameras on during live instruction. Attendance will be recorded following state regulations. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, you must communicate with your teacher immediately.  

  • It is imperative that you maintain an open line of communication with your teacher in regards to your attendance.  If for any reason you are unable to attend class, contact your teacher.  Please provide any documentation for any absence to the FIVE registrar, Karen Mejia - 

  • Students must attend at least 50% of the day/class period to be marked present. It is important for the student to remain an active participant during the duration of the instructional period. 

  • Students who log in after instruction has begun will be marked tardy.  It is imperative that students are present the entire duration of instruction. 


  • State laws and regulations determining absences and truancy are applicable for our FIVE virtual program. Staff members will follow policy JH regarding continued absences and the following guidelines:

  • When excessive absences become a pattern, the director or his/her designee will oversee the development and implementation of a written intervention plan designed to improve student attendance. Students who do not improve attendance after the intervention plan may be sent back to school face to face.

  • When truancy continues following implementation of a written intervention plan, students could be referred to the family court and parents/legal guardians to the Department of Social Services to address truancy issues as outlined in administrative rule JH. 

  • Compulsory Attendance Laws and District 5 policies on school attendance are applicable to our FIVE program.